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Nick Selley


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  1. Darcie Mcmillon

    Hi Nick. I don’t know if you remember me but I was there in April with Rick Block to get a memorial tattoo for my fiance, Brian Block. You did an amazing job and I love my tattoo. I was wondering if I could send you a pic of a new tattoo I want and you could possibly give me an estimated cost. I really want you to do it for me. You did the whole families memorial tattoos and we all love them. Hope to hear from you soon. It may be easier to text if so my # is 616-752-9047. Thank you for your time.

  2. Kayle

    My name is Kayle and I’m 17. This isn’t really a comment, but more of a question. Around how much to do you cost for a memorial tattoo?

  3. Dyllan

    hey ever done a tattoo from the TV show Supernatural and if so how much would it be?

  4. Christine

    Hey Nick so I am looking to get a tattoo done & I was refered to you by my man Joseph Hall, I was just inquiring to find out if you want to meet up for consultation or if I should just make an appt with you & show up a few minutes early for you to draw it up?

  5. Zach Kerchen

    What’s up Nick
    My names Zach Kerchen. Currently at Fort Leonard Wood, MO for basic training and AIT for the Army. Plan on coming back home the first week of April and getting some work done. Follow you on Instagram and saw your work and I’m sold on getting you to be my artist. Just a little curious on how you take appointment and what your price is. Appreciate the time. Look forward to hearing back from you.

  6. Hank

    Just wondering if your booked for the week

  7. Jenniffer Prater

    Do you have any openings this Friday for a shoulder tattoo?

  8. Shylah

    Hello! I was wondering if you could give me a rough price on a tattoo. I would like to get roses on my thigh and I can send you a picture of something close to what I want. Thank you in advance!

  9. Pam

    Do you do the tattoo eyeliner? If so, how much would that be?

  10. Drew

    Hey Nick I’m trying to get a tattoo I got done a year ago touched up and redone. I do not like how it turned out, not willing to go back to the person that did it before. Was looking at your work and liked what I saw. Was looking to get an appointment with you

    Thanks drew

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