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  1. Jodi

    Hi Justin,
    I’m looking to get my first tattoo. I want a Poppy flower on my wrist in remembrance of a loved one. I also really like the rose tattoos on your page. I want it to be in black and white and to look feminine. I like the vintage flowers. I have a few different ideas of what I like but was wondering if you could help me draw up something. I could always stop in and show you what I like.

    Thank you,
    Jodi Taylor

  2. Kristy

    Do I message you here about getting prices about a few cover ups

  3. Amy Kubli

    (Justin Beaudrie)

    Hey, there:
    First timer. I would like to have a tattoo over a feeding tube scar on my belly (12 year brain tumor survivor) and I want my daughter to draw it. I like your tattoos and I have a gift certificate for E. Chair Tattoo. How does this work? Do I bring in my daughter’s drawing and you tweak it (make it better!) and then we tattoo? Or is there a meeting before? Thanks!

  4. Heather Kruszkowski

    Hi Justin, I am told your work is very good. My husband and I are both looking to get tattoos, we would like to get it done this weekend if you have any times available. Could you let me know if you have any opening.
    Thank you!

  5. Kendra

    Hey guys and gals looking for someone who can do cross tattoos want two the same for husband and me with our names heard of u guys don’t know who is the best please email me

  6. Tamika

    I ant a tat like this one you have on your website the last one with the roses and pearls. I have a picture of what I want if you get back with me I would like to email the picture to you not sure if you give out prices Thank you in advance.

  7. Nate Dvorak

    Hello Justin, I’m currently overseas with the military but I will be coming home soon and would like to add to my sleeve. I was just curious if you might have any openings for me between the July 6th and July 20th. I would love to hear back from you soon.
    Nate Dvorak

  8. Christy Dodge

    Hi Justin, Love your work. I would love to make an appointment with you for a tattoo. I am a tattoo virgin, so my design is fairly simple and uncomplicated.

    Let me know what I need to do.


  9. Neil McGinn

    Looking for an appointment this coming week Monday or Tuesday for consult. First tattoo

  10. Jamie

    Hello I was wondering when Justin is working I’ve seen the work and its amazing I have something very specific I would like.

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